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About ViralEd

ViralEd, Inc. is a physician-directed medical education company whose mission is to provide thought-provoking, effective, and evidence-based CME to help improve health care provider knowledge and professional development. For over a decade, ViralEd's team of dedicated professionals have specialized in using a blended learning approach that combines innovative technology with live programming to provide programs and medical education content that is unique, timely, and of high quality.

Program Types

Examples of recent and ongoing ViralEd programs include:

  • The HIV Grand Rounds from Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Since 2010, this ongoing live program has featured well-known experts in HIV medicine and research presenting at the Perelman School of Medicine. The series has reached more than 25,000 participants in 70 countries with presentations ranging from basic virology and the origins of HIV to conference updates, new treatment options, and case studies.
  • The Viral Hepatitis Grand Rounds from Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Building on the success and reach of the HIV Grand Rounds program, in 2012 we started a regular live and broadcast grand rounds series on viral hepatitis topics. This program continues to provide important information on basic science and treatment issues associated with viral hepatitis and regular updates from major liver conferences by leading experts in HCV, HBV, and other viral diseases. 
  • Virtual Patient Programs. These programs simulate the educational experience of working with live patients and take users step-by-step through the treatment process, including clnical decisions that must be answered correctly before moving to the next step of treatment. 
  • CME Dinner programs. We regularly run a wide range of national dinner series in major U.S. cities; each 2-hour dinner program is carefully designed to create a unique opportunity for participants to learn from and interact with leading experts in a relaxed, open environment. Many of these dinner programs feature major conference updates.    
  • Live Internet eSymposia. ViralEd regularly broadcasts live updates from major medical conferences, featuring experts in the field, including many of the researchers involved in major studies that are being discussed. These 2-hour live broadcasts are recorded and can be viewed on-demand on the ViralEd website.
  • Poster programs: We have prepared several video programs that feature experts reporting from major scientific conferences and discussing the clinical significant of important posters that have been presented at the conference.
  • Satellite symposia. These consist of large meetings that are presented live during major conferences, then offered in a recorded version on our website.
  • Newsletters. ViralEd regularly prepares CME newsletter, including updates from major international conferences and congresses.
  • Programs in French and Spanish. As we recognize that many of our program participants speak languages other than English, many of the ViralEd CME programs are provided in either French or Spanish translations. In fact, we offer a separate page dedicated to French and Spanish programming.


ViralEd operates under the belief that medical education programs that are engaging, even entertaining, are more likely to support learning and the retention of knowledge that leads to improved practice behaviors. Because of this, our staff and faculty are constantly striving to find new and compelling approaches for reaching clinicians with important medical information.


ViralEd considers the measurement of the benefits of medical education to be an essential component of each program. For this reason, ViralEd has incorporated outcomes measurements into all of its programming. All of our CME programs and activities are measured to at least Level 4 outcomes.


ViralEd adheres to the strictest possible ethical standards in all medical education programs, following or exceeding all national medical education guidelines and standards. All ViralEd CME programs are designed to meet or exceed the Essential Areas and Policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

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