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Thank you for your interest in HIV Grand Rounds On-Demand programming.

There are currently over 100 on-demand programs available in this catalog and many are available for CME credit.  There are three ways to access these on-demand programs:


Most recent program on top - Only programs availabe for CME credit are listed

Topic   Presenter
Listed Topics - CME credit & non-CME credit  programs available   By Surname - CME credit & non-CME credit  programs available

1. By dateOnly HIV Grand Rounds progams that currently offer CME credit through the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennslyvania Office of Continuing Medical Education are cataloged under this heading.  The most recently recorded program is at the top of the list with the program at the bottom of the list the oldest program still available for CME credit.  Programs are available for CME credit for one year after the date they were webcast.

2. By topic - There are over 25 categories  available in the On-Demand Catalog by Topic section. Each category will take you to a chart with programs related to that topic. There is a 'notes' section in the chart for each program where you will find information such as whether or not CME credit is available for that program. Click on the title of the program and you will go to a module where you will be required to answer just a few questions and then, if CME is available, choose whether or not to collect CME credit for enjoying the educational content of that program. There are QR codes available for each program. You may wish to use your smart device to scan the QR code for that program so you can view it at a more convenient time from computer or smart device.

3. By presenter - To see programs done by particular presenters use this option.  Perhaps a collegue was intrigued by a presentation they saw but could only remember the presenters name, not the full title.  Normally, that shouldn't be an issue with the topical catalog.  Sometimes, though, a single program could be organized under multiple topics.  It may be easier to simply go to the presenters catalog. This is also an altenative way of lookng at what is available.  While looking over this catalog perhaps an unexpected topic or event will catch your eye. 

The on-demand catalogs have been designed for ease of use and are aimed at those seeking data relevant to their practice. We hope this is a useful tool in helping you to take full advantage of this outcomes-driven content. If you come across any issues such as broken links, wish to ask a question or simply wish to leave a comment please contact us at, any time.

You can find on-demand programming for the Viral Hepatitis Grand Rounds series here.

Click here to see the CME credit information.  This information is available at all registration pages for all programs still available for CME credit.

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